Master Bathroom Remodel Phoenix, AZ

Our client was driven by a theme of square and rectangular shapes punctuated by drum-shaped accents. Square vessel sinks with round inside bowls, square shower fixtures and drum shaped shower heads. The pattern continued down to the rectangular decorative vanity waste traps. Statuary marble slabs and tile create a feeling of elegance and sophistication. The floating vanities allow the bath to feel bigger. Butt-glazed corner glass shower walls create an invisible definition to the shower space. The linear drain feature is mirrored on the ceiling by the slot of light coming from the trough. A mirrored toe-kick at the bottom of the tub allows it to seemingly float above the floor. The corner window is actually a single frosted privacy window. The other face (common wall of the garage) is a mirror. The effect keeps the symmetry of the space and doubles the light effect in the room. All fixtures remained in their original location but the transformation is astounding and unrecognizable. The demanding client is in love with her new bathroom. The architect, her husband, is pretty pleased too!!


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