Caravan Kings Cross, London, UK

Sector - Hospitality

As part of the redevelopment of The Granary Buildings at Kings Cross, London,  Caravan, a well known London restaurant, have taken a ground floor unit as a sister restaurant to their Exmouth Market location.

Through Ben’s and Anissa’s Seven am Design firm, we were originally drafted in to assist with the design of the restrooms for the new space to ensure that they reflected the industrial and urban feel of the main restaurant. This was achieved by selecting furniture and fixtures that are reminiscent of the industrial warehouses and workplaces of the past, complemented by unfinished rough hone hard surfaces that were practical for the heavy utilization but were still sleek and modern.  

Our role was then extended to advising on the design of the main restaurant space and the detailed design and specification of the outdoor seating area.

We took cues from the existing building, which has resulted in a unique design that compliments the Caravan brand.



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