The commercial office environment is one which is constantly evolving as companies seek to use their workplace as a tool to attract and retain talent. Meanwhile, they must provide a bespoke environment which supports concentrated focus and varied interactions, all while promoting health and wellness in an atmosphere which  reflects their brand culture. As a consequence, the design and function of the workplace has moved heavily toward flexible accommodation and activity based working solutions. This is a major change from the traditional cellular office environments of the past and requires strategic  management and employee participation to ensure a smooth transition  to this new way of working.

Because there is no 'one size fits all ' solution, we believe it is vitally important to collect the ‘DNA’ of a firm as a foundation from which to base our designs.  We do this through our interactive survey tool which is tailored to each client, their leadership and employees.  This  information creates an honest and engaged dialogue between leaders and employees which ultimately leads to a better workplace environment custom designed to fit their needs.

3rd story brings its unique blend of design aesthetics to this newly evolving workplace design. In addition to over 30 years of commercial building design in Arizona, our team has an extensive portfolio of projects in ranging from urban infilltenant improvements and value driven re-purposing