Poggio Paradiso  Custom Home, Clear Water Hills AZ 

Sector - residential

“Poggio Paradiso”, Italian for “home with land in paradise”, is a Tuscan-influenced home which won a mason guild award for its innovative use of concrete block. The client wanted a home that would remind him of all his travels to rural Italy but also have all the modern conveniences and large open-planned living that would serve his American lifestyle. To achieve this goal, the concrete block was designed to simulate the historic stone homes of the rural farm houses in the Tuscan region of Italy. The insulated block is a blend of 9 shapes and 4 colors which are randomly installed on the walls inside and outside of the home to reflect the way the masonry would have evolved in rural farm houses in Italy. In addition, heavy timber roofs and ceilings were influenced by the shape, texture, pattern and color of the roofs and ceilings seen in the Italian rural settings. The Tuscan influence continued to the chimney masses which were patterned after the bell towers of San Gimignano. The interior arches reflect the arched separations between the farm animal pens of the lower levels of the farm houses. Details abound with this home and the overall design, though modern in its daily living, results in rooms which are intimate, warm and nurturing.



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