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Rick Daugherty designed an award-winning luxury custom home located in Desert Mountain to reflect, showcase, and integrate a world-class art collection.  We’ve provided the following quotes from the article to highlight and demonstrate Rick’s ability to listen and design to a particular set of preferences and goals.  In this case, the result provided a sacred space for a collection of artwork that is centuries old and very near and dear to our client’s heart.

The inspiration for the whole house, including the architecture, was our collection of 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints.”

“The art and the design were supposed to be integrated completely.”

“My instruction to the architect was to borrow from different architectural traditions but not to let any of them define the structure. I didn’t want it to be identified with any particular ethnicity or period.”

…”my idea was to have every room in the house have these sort of framed views of the mountains that surrounded us.

Jill Demsey

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