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We understand that today’s guest is taking wellness to heart.  More than ever individuals are seeking environments and experiences where they can discover, learn, and nurture healthier habits and ways of being. Environments that help quiet the mind, reduce anxiety, improve mental and physical vitality, and create a sense of community are now providing the hospitality and travel industry with new opportunities to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Through spa architecture and wellness design, we are tasked to energize and improve your brand experience. We incorporate aesthetics with holistic and functional design to create extraordinary experiences and memorable settings that help you to make a lasting impression while re-enforcing a healthy lifestyle for your guests.

Wellness Design

Spa Architecture and Spa Design

Today we are experiencing a changing health paradigm centered on being “fit” physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially. It is with this cultural movement that more individuals are turning to spas to discover and experience better states of well-being. Through spa architecture and spa design, we focus on assisting you in creating a unique spa experience that is an authentic reflection of your brand and desired experience.

Wellness Architecture

Holistic Design

Our wellness spa architecture sets the stage for deep relaxation, recuperation, fitness, nutrition, and your unique menu of therapy and treatments

Wellness As A Lifestyle

Designing for Your Unique Services Menu

We can assist you in creating a unique spa experience that is an authentic reflection of your brand and desired experience. Every project is unique and requires a bespoke level of input to suit your aspirations. Here are some considerations:

+ Massage
+ Facial
+ Salon & Retail Service
+ Fitness
+ Yoga and other Martial Arts
+ Meditation
+ Food and Beverage Service & Education
+ Multi-Sensory Wellness (including hydrotherapy, Kneipp Walks, Watsu Pool, Olfactory Treatments, Thermal Treatments)
+ Medical Offices, Dental Studios, or Medical Treatments Integration

Wellness Design

We are here to assist you in turning your wellness spa into reality.  We understand the processes and complexities involved. We see the big picture and know how to collaborate and communicate effectively with the team – this allows us to be forward-thinking, solution-oriented, problem-solving, and imaginative. We provide guidance that builds confidence, reduces risks, and provides creative excellence that expresses your design into build-able construction documents and effective design imagery. Depending on your need, we can also facilitate the entire project –from inception, building site evaluation, distinctive architecture, construction documentation, interior design, team selection, project observation, and move-in.


If you have a dream, concept, or specific project that requires the expertise of an architect, interior designer, or land planner, please give us a call. We are happy to meet with you at your site or office to explore how we can facilitate your project. We look forward to meeting you!

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