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Elevating Place, Space, and Brand Experience

At 3rd Story Architecture, we’re more than just architects—we are strategic in shaping the future of commercial spaces. Driven by timelines and focused on the bottom line, we’re dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations. With a keen understanding of the dynamic commercial market, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions that not only elevate but also optimize functionality and profitability. From conceptualization to completion, we’re committed to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional outcomes. We will transform your vision into reality, on time and on budget.


Commercial Architect

Maximize your project’s success with creative and strategic design. We not only save you money by avoiding costly mistakes but also understand how to enhance functionality, anticipate future needs, and prioritize safety. With over 40 years of problem-solving experience, we’re equipped to handle projects of any size, from small renovations to complex constructions. Additionally, our team has extensive expertise in navigating building regulations and zoning procedures. Let’s work together to boost your profitability and minimize risks.

Hospitality, Wellness, Healthcare

Our commercial architecture spans across multiple sectors, including hospitality, wellness, and healthcare. In hospitality, these spaces are more than just places to stay or dine – they’re engaging environments with clear wayfinding and timeless finishes that prioritize guest comfort, ease of use, and safety, as well as employee efficiencies. This results in satisfaction for both and a continued commitment to the brand. Our designs connect and contribute to their communities, by using a culturally immersive approach.

Our commitment to wellness architecture extends beyond physical design, incorporating elements that promote lasting health and well-being, fostering connections to natural elements, and enhancing individuals’ experiences through a holistic approach of mind, body, and soul.

When it comes to behavioral health, we understand the profound impact that environments can have on healing and recovery. That’s why we design facilities that prioritize both patients’ and therapy staff’s well-being, creating safe and receptive environments away from the clinical, sterile feel from the past.

As different as each of these may seem, it’s all about our in-depth understanding of the experience for the: diner, guest, patient, and staff. Each project we undertake is approached with a focus on uniqueness, ensuring that every space we design is tailored to the specific needs, enriching their lives and leaving a lasting impression.


Achieving the perfect harmony in commercial architecture entails balancing various layers, including functionality, aesthetics, experiential elements, and engineering considerations. Functionality ensures that the space serves its intended purpose efficiently, while aesthetics enhance its visual appeal and contribute to the overall ambiance. Meanwhile, the experiential layer adds depth to the space, creating memorable experiences for its occupants. Integrating engineering considerations involves ensuring structural integrity, energy efficiency, and environmental quality. This requires meticulous planning, thoughtful design, and a deep understanding of the needs and desires of all. When all these layers are seamlessly integrated, commercial spaces not only meet practical requirements but also inspire and engage.
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