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Elevating Place, Space, and Brand Experience

We pursue a diverse body of commercial architecture and commercial interiors projects, including new construction, renovation, adaptive reuse, and commercial building design. Our unique and efficient design solutions optimize your site/asset, budget, and schedule. The multi-disciplinary structure and size of our firm allow us to be nimble and responsive to your needs — meeting the demands of small and large projects with experience, creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail.

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Commercial Architect

Increase Your Profitability While Reducing Risk

Imaginative and thoughtful design has a significant impact on the long term success of your building or project. Our commercial architect not only saves you money by avoiding costly mistakes – they understand the functional and design elements that stimulate engagement, anticipate future functionality, are code compliant and affect the life safety of your inhabitants.  Armed with over 38 years of creative problem solving, we are pleased to help you with commercial projects ranging in scale from modest renovations to complex buildings, additions, and new construction. In addition to 3rd story’s commercial design talents, our staff has vast experience with the local and state building authorities, approvals, and zoning processes that help to keep your project on track.

Commercial Designers

Helping You Be Competitive

Today’s commercial real estate investment benchmarks now incorporate more data points than ever before. To realize a property’s potential, our Commercial Architects and Interior Designers are not only tasked to include the fundamentals such as target markets, functionality, and structural resilience into their designs, many incorporate environmental, socially conscious and governance aspects into the project as well. The result of which makes for more thoughtful, engaging and sustainable space and places.

We look forward to collaborating with you to create authentic environments that are inviting and engaging, places where individuals love to be – to work, play, rest, and heal.

Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Wellness

Innovation, Trends, and Transformations

Commercial real estate is more dynamic now than at any other time. Today technologies and data are informing us at an accelerated rate providing feedback to investors and designers alike. This much-appreciated feedback is allowing for modern innovation and transformation –  creating awareness for a better experience, quality of life and ROI.

We take seriously both the short term and long term goals of your project by thoughtfully considering the critical elements required to refresh, update or renovate your mixed-use, hotel, spa or restaurant so that they will be engaging, welcoming and inspire loyalty.

Commercial Architects in the Greater Phoenix Area

We are here to help you turn your project into reality.  We understand the processes and complexities involved. We see the big picture and know how to collaborate and communicate effectively with all the players – this allows us to be forward-thinking, solution-oriented, problem-solving, and imaginative. We can help you feel confident, reduce your risks, and provide creative excellence that expresses your design into build-able construction documents and effective brand imagery. Depending on your need, we can also help facilitate the entire project –from helping you to evaluate the best building site, and designing a distinctive building or custom home, to construction observation, interior design, and move in.

If you have a dream, concept or project that requires the help of an architect or an interior designer, please give us a call. We are happy to meet with you at your site, our office to explore how we can help you. We look forward to meeting you!

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