Architecture & Interior Design

Elevating Luxury Living

Through innovative architecture and design, 3rd story integrates lifestyle, function, and aesthetics to elevate the way you live. We are in tune with current market trends, technologies, materials, and finishes.  Our process is a collaborative and client-centric approach that is creative, technologically savvy, and budget-sensitive. Our Principal Architect, Rick Daugherty, a former general contractor, is known for operating in concert with contractors to create solutions that deliver your home on time and on budget.

Residential Design Services

Residential Architecture

Our projects range in scale from modest renovations to complex buildings, additions, and new construction. We integrate lifestyle, culture, and site into your desired architectural style making your home or project truly custom.  We are also known for our ability to blend two styles to create a Fusion Architectural style that blends collections and preferences in a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Our Experience:

+ Master Planned Community/CC & R’s
+ Re-Sale Values
+ Production Housing Design and Techniques
+ Cultural and Lifestyle Requirements

Custom Home Designs

3rd story’s luxury custom homes are widely recognized for design excellence through innovative design and lifestyle solutions for a timeless aesthetic of style and grace.

We Design For Your Needs:

+ Period Architecture
+ Historically Restorations
+ Additions
+ Renovations
+ Integration of Unique Amenities
+ Challenging Hillside Lots, Washes, Creeks

Modern Residential Architecture

We overcome project obstacles through careful planning, a thorough understanding of end-user preferences, and distinctive designs. We provide documents that address utility and structural systems, interfacing details, and conduct materials research to elevate your project.

Custom and Personal Design Preferences:

+ Technologies
+ Smart Homes, Lighting, Security, Appliances
+ Amenities,
+ Communication for HVAC
+ High Tech Materials
+ Porcelain Panels, Hybrid Roofing,
+ Solar, Geothermal, Wind Harvesting
+ Low Tech Materials
+ Adobe, Rammed Earth, ICF, SIPS

Residential Architect Arizona

We are here to assist you in turning your residential property into reality.  We understand the processes and complexities involved. We see the big picture and know how to collaborate and communicate effectively with the team – this allows us to be forward-thinking, solution-oriented, problem-solving, and imaginative. We provide guidance that builds confidence, reduces risks, and provides creative excellence that expresses your design into build-able construction documents and effective design imagery. Depending on your need, we can also facilitate the entire project –from inception, building site evaluation, distinctive architecture, construction documentation, interior design, team selection, project observation, and move-in.

If you have a dream, concept, or specific project that requires the expertise of an architect, interior designer, or land planner, please give us a call. We are happy to meet with you at your site or office to explore how we can facilitate your project. We look forward to meeting you!