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The Best of the Best Luxury Homes

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Rick Daugherty was tasked to design this Winner of The Best of the Best Luxury Homes to highlight a centuries-old art collection. What emerged was a luxury home whose zen-like quality soothed the senses without infringing on a specific style of architecture.  Rick achieved this sense of ease through precise lighting and the purposeful repetition of squares within the interior and exterior architectural details. These details were defined early in the preliminary design process and carried throughout -starting from the oversized timbered pivot courtyard gate to the endpoint of the square-shaped negative edge pool. These squares are visible in the ceiling, mill-work, casework, doors, flooring, and stonework all of which required highly detailed construction documents, precision and careful coordination with Paul Lavoto Homes (the builder). For example, what you cannot see in the photographs is how each line of concrete within the flooring is designed to meet the lines in window frames and is a mirror reflection of the grid ceiling above.  It’s a meticulous detail whose execution is so exact that it could easily be missed. Thankfully the judges understood and appreciated it!


The volumes created are dramatic and studied. The squares are consistent, being repeated in the door, art, and ceiling, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The Judges